Worcester Early Music Week


Thanks to all who supported us!


A few pics from the week:

The Enlightened Age Lady Georgianna
The Gloucester Waites Fleurs de Lys  

The newly launched Week will take place 21-24 February 2011 at the Guildhall, High St, Worcester WR1 2EY

Events will include

--evening concerts each night, at 7pm
--early years session

Our box office is Worcester Live 01905 611427 (from mid November 2010)
Information only 01386 859648 worcesterfestival@earlymusica.org

The programme
Venues and Parking

The programme
More about the artists and programmes can be viewed by clicking links on names and on programmes titles.
There are four evening concerts, all at 7pm at the Guildhall upstairs, plus early years sessions on Thursday morning. Below is a finalised list of activities.

Mon. 21 Feb.      

7pm at the Guildhall:
Kate Fawcett (baroque violin/viola), Henrik Persson (baroque cello), and Micaela Schmitz(harpsichord perform 'The Enlightened Age'


Tues. 22 Feb.
7pm at the Guildhall: The Gloucester Waites perform 'Laughing like parrots at a bagpiper -  Music for a Renaissance Wind Band 

The reference is to The Merchant of Venice where a minor character is describing some other characters' idiocies.


Wed. 23 Feb
7pm at the Guildhall: Lady Georgianna perform ''Love in the Pleasure Gardens' a sneak preview for their tour, £10
Thurs. 24 Feb

10.30am-12 noon
at Worcester City Library

Early years sessions (age 18 months to 7 yrs)
with Barbara Dunn, £3 per chil
  7pm at the Guildhall: Fleurs de Lys perform ‘Music and Song from Mediaeval Europe', £10

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 How to Book Tickets

By Phone Worcester Live Box Office, at Huntingdon Hall, Crowngate Shopping centre from 17 November
01905 611427  (Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 10am-4pm)
For all transactions for tickets over £5 there will be a £1.50 booking fee, other than for bookings made in person. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Payment can also be made by cheque, payable to ‘Worcester Live Ltd’.
On the door  All concerts and the early years session
Please note- we really do want advance bookings for events at the Guildhall, however, we will have a ticket table.

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Venues, Maps and Directions

All venues are wheelchair accessible.

Guildhall, High Street,
Worcester WR1 2EY

This beautiful building begun in 1722 features a long gallery room with a wooden floor, ideal for dancing. This is entered by the front, pedestrainised area. Vehicular access for setting down is via, and this is the location for wheelchair access. Nearest carpark is Copenhagen Street carpark, however it's cheaper to use St Martin's Gate. As the cafe is now removed from the building, for this event, we will provide non-alcoholic drinks and a light snack but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol and glasses. We do reserve the right to ask people to leave if they misbehave- but of course you won't! Costume is optional -- some of  us will wear Jane Austen garb, others Tudor. Photo contributed by D. Johnston.

Worcester City Library,
Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1D

The view of the front entrance is from the library's website.Vehicular and wheelchair access via Taylor Lane is a little more quiet than Foregate Street for setting down. Again there's not much street parking round here. The racecourse carpark near the Swan Theatre, Moor Street is just as close as St. Martin's Gate.

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Student Course and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's new this year?
A lot! Worcestershire Early Music are now running the course, at the invitation of Worcestershire Arts Education. We have added the evening concerts and have moved the Weekend to a Week in February.

The tuition fee is £100. It includes admission to all concerts, plus two admissions to be used as they wish.

We invite recorder players to apply and hope to include them in concertos and chamber music. 
Singers are invited to come along and will be given a lot of chamber music for voices on their own, cantatas
 in small ensembles, and the opportunity sing with an orchestra. In other words, they will have a full day!
We hope to include a keyboard concerto by a student.
We intend to include a session on recitative and continuo playing for cello, keyboard and voices.
We will have the loan of some baroque stringed instruments and bows from Midlands Early Music Forum.
We are inviting young people from all over the UK to take part.

How to apply

Download, print and complete the form - Click here to download PDF FORM  
Post it to us with a cheque for the correct amount.
Any queries ring 01386 859648 or email us.

We have an 'early bird' deadline of 15 December, which gives you 10% off tuition.  Applications will continue to be accepted until 21 January 2011. Shortly after this all candidates will be informed if they have a place on the course.

We will be offering some bursaries to reduce tuition. To apply write us a letter. If you are successful we will write a cheque to the person who has paid the tuition fee. Bursaries are up to the management committee of the organisation. Criteria may include - financial hardship, travel difficulties, multiple students from one household, for example. However, we take each application on a case by case basis.

Items that you may want to know:

Pitch is A440. Music is provided.
Repertoire will include selections from Bach, Buxtehude and Telemann cantatas; verse anthems by Boyce, and other Restoration composers; concertos by Handel, Vivaldi and Bach, including excerpts from Brandenburg Concerto no. 4; trio sonatas and a capella choral works.

We hope to have parents give permission for students to have lunch in Worcester City in groups.

Normally we have a core of strings: violin, viola, cello plus other instruments including oboe and bassoon, keyboard and this year we invite recorders also. We supply a harpsichord, and this year 2 keyboards if necessary.   For instrumentalists Grade 5+ is necessary. Although we endeavour to send some music in advance we cannot always guarantee this, so students need to have a good command of their instrument. Students who play more than one instrument (including voice) are encouraged to take part. Recorder players who also play flute are particularly invited.

Voices Singers are invited to apply. We do not expect them to have attained Grade 5+ as it quite common that many do not have a grade.  In this case, they should have their regular voice teacher or coach write a  sign the application form.  The purpose of this is twofold - we want to know that the singer has a regular coach to help them; and should issues of technique arise we can resolve this in partnership with the regular teacher. 

Please note that we are not using the term 'choir' as we are not planning to sing 'big choral works'. Rather we are offering the unique chance for singers who are serious to sing a solo or duet with an orchestra, have the experience of singing a cantata with a baroque chamber group, learn how to cope with recitative, and take charge singing one-to-a-part small vocal works.

Course Tutors are as follows:
Kate Fawcett (baroque viola/violin); Henrik Persson (baroque cello); and Micaela Schmitz (harpischord).
We also hope to have Andrew Watts to coach winds.


We are supportive of student learning and it for this reason that we want to know of any disabilities. This will help us with child protection and safety; it will help us adapt to the learning styles of each student. If there are ways we can help please let us know. For concerts, we are happy to provide large print programme, as long as we know by 14 February.

Do I need to prebook?

For most concerts we'd appreciate it if you could pre-book, as the Guildhall normally do not like to have ticket sales there. Huntingdon Hall is not far away and you may want to stop by before grabbing a bit to eat.  If you can't prebook, please do come to the door to pay.

Who supports and funds you?
We have had support in the past from The Elmley Foundation, Worcestershire County, Worcester City, and The Bransford Trust. We are awaiting word from other charities. We are setting up bursary schemes (as mentioned above) and are looking for 5 donors who can give towards voice bursaries and 5 to give towards instrumental bursaries. A small contribution of between £25-£50 will make a big difference so please consider this. 


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