Activities for Children

“The day before the play.., we learnt about the composers from that period like Bach and Allegri.  After that we felt like we knew a lot about the baroque era and what we were doing.  We are happy that we could make it after school because it was really fun rehearsing the play and all the adults liked the play a lot.  Thank you for coming and I hope you can come next year."
            --Callum and Jacob [students at St. Catharine’s  School, Chipping Campden]

Broadway Arts Festival  ctivities:
Work from 2010's festival:
See the words to a new Football Chant  and hear a track to The Christmas Pig (939Kb) and Work, Boys Work (1290Kb) sung by the young people. These were Victorian songs from the time of John Singer Sargent.  The Football chant was composed new by the young people.

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Micaela works with young singers, age 7 and up.
She led Malvern Adventurers for 2 years (organised by Singworks in association with Worcestershire Youth Music), before turning her attention to schools in the Wychavon area.

With Cathy Dew, Barbara Dunn, and others she has led workshops for children as part of the Worcester Early Music Weekend.

For the Chipping Campden Music Festival, Micaela organises activities

  • during school and afterschool for primary school students, including presentations by lunchtime or other recitalists
  • on Activity Days- which include early years, primary years, and dance, as well as improvisation with workshop leaders such as n, Carol Green, Yvonne White, and . In 2010 our activity day will be Saturday 13 February, so save the date!
  • for secondary level students, which have included ballroom instructors, minuets, and composition with both Andrew Watts and Cathryn Dew.


Make your own percussion!- recession proof solutions

- Shaker: Take a plastic easter egg (Those Kinderbueno treats work well), add some uncooked rice, beans, beads or pulses, then tape it shut with gaffer tape. ( If you use Kinderbueno eggs, enjoy the chocolate, remove the prize and be sure to clean it first)

-Scraper/Cow Bell: Grab a kitchen grater and scrape it with an discarded knitting needle or ruler (make sure you have permission first and be careful with the sharp bit of the grater. This can be played as a scraper or you can strik the inside, a bit like a cow bell.

-Cymbal: Use a pan lid and strike with a spoon and you've got a cymbal.

-Bells: keys held in the hand and shaken are pretty convincing.

-Drum: An empty hatbox makes a decent resonator as a drum. Strike it gently toward the middle with a pencil.

-Rainmaker- I forget what goes inside, but save a poster tube and make sure to get a plastic cap for both ends. I think something like beans might work.  Tape both ends securely and try it out.