• It’s not music that takes place early in the morning.
  • It’s not necessarily for ‘early years’ or those aged 0-7, although it can include them!
  • It’s not necessarily ‘music up to 1800’, although it can include that.

It’s music of an earlier time performed, taught and enjoyed with a bit of knowledge:

We take music from a long time ago, add experience of original instruments, throw in a bit of history, and knowledge of society, and then use our common sense and creativity to make ‘a best guess’ or an ‘informed guess’ on how to do it. And then… we put it into a format that lots of people can enjoy.

This is really only meaningful if we experience the actual act of live music and share it as widely as possible; otherwise it’s just an argument about whether something is C natural or C sharp.

If you enjoy music, then you should enjoy early music. Welcome to the feast!